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The Carnegie Trust

Marie Skłodowska-Curie actions

Scientific Collaborators, past and present

Julie Aspden - mRNA translation

Elizabeth Ballou - Fungal pathogenesis and genetics

Jean Beggs - Pre-messenger RNA splicing

Atlanta Cook - Structural biology of RNA regulation

Alex Cope - Translation regulation and its evolution

D. Allan Drummond - Massive RNA-protein assembly and environmental sensing

Sander Granneman - RNA-protein interactions

Guilhem Janbon - RNA Biology of Fungal Pathogens

Liana Lareau - Translation regulation and modeling

Hiten Madhani - Fungal pathogenesis and gene regulation

Guido Sanguinetti - Model-based bioinformatics

Ken Sawin - Fungal cell biology and polarized growth

Premal Shah - Translation regulation and its evolution

Peter Swain - Systems biology, cellular decision-making, live-cell microscopy.

Evelina Tutucci - Microbial Spatial Gene regulation, mRNA microscopy

Nicky Whiffin - mRNA translation and 5’UTRs

Public Engagement

Science Ceilidh - exploring science and traditional arts

Hannah Read - fiddler, singer, composer, mycophile

Tom Humberstone - Illustrator extraordinaire