Mailing Address

Lab: Waddington 2.18
University of Edinburgh
Max Born Crescent
King’s Buildings
Edinburgh EH9 3BF

On the map, Waddington is entered through the Rutherford building.

Office: Waddington 3.05
Telephone: +44 (0)131 651 3348


If you are excited to probe cellular responses with a mixture of experimental and computational techniques, come work with us!

We welcome enquiries from potential PhD students, masters’ students, and from visiting scientists including ERASMUS.

We welcome enquiries from prospective Postdocs interested in applying for fellowships to work with us: send an email describing your interests in this lab, and attach a CV.

Links to Funders and Collaborators

Design and Implementation

I was inspired by, and built from, The Drummond Lab website. This in turn was built from a design from Trevor Bedford.

The site’s source code is freely available on GitHub. All code is placed under the MIT license.