Image credit: Tom Humberstone

We study how organisms respond to their environment, focusing on molecular mechanisms used by fungi. We collect and analyze genome-scale datasets to understand how fungi dynamically reorganize their RNA and protein to adapt to environmental change. This includes how fungi adapt to infect human hosts.

Disambiguation: This is the Edward Wallace Lab studying RNA and Systems Biology in Fungi. It is not to be confused with the Stephen Wallace Lab studying Chemical and Synthetic Biology, also in Edinburgh.

Posted 12 Apr 2023 by Edward

Dr. Sam Haynes defended his PhD viva! Congratulations Sam!!! The first PhD student to graduate from the lab, a huge milestone, and a very nicely written PhD thesis. Thanks also to examiners Diego Oyarzun and Julien Gagneur.

Posted 26 Jan 2023 by Edward

Farewell Jing Qi Chong, who is moving on after doing a very nice Honours project analysing data on RNA-binding proteins.

Welcome to Eleanor Donohoe and Marcos Bermejo, who are both working on MSc Bioinformatics projects related to riboviz ribosome profiling data analysis.

Posted 26 May 2022 by Edward

Welcome to Domenico, who is joining us to work on a PhD project joint with Ken Sawin, looking at post-transcriptional control in filamentous fungi.

Posted 04 Apr 2022 by Edward