Edward W. J. Wallace

Group Leader
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Dr. Wallace is a Sir Henry Dale Fellow (Group Leader) in the Institute of Cell Biology at the University of Edinburgh. His Fellowship is supported by The Wellcome Trust and The Royal Society.

Before that, Dr. Wallace held a Marie Curie fellowship, also at The University of Edinburgh, working with Guido Sanguinetti and Jean Beggs.

Dr. Wallace did his postdoctoral work in the Drummond Lab, initially at Harvard University’s FAS Center for Systems Biology, in 2010. He moved with the lab to the University of Chicago in the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, and added experimental capabilities to his computational training. There, he surveyed the heat-triggered movement of proteins into RNA-protein granules, and showed that these proteins are released without detectable degradation as cells recover from stress.

Dr. Wallace received his Ph.D. in Mathematics, also at the University of Chicago, working with Jack Cowan on stochastic dynamics of biological networks.


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