Felicity Anderson

Research Assistant in Bioinformatics

Felicity (Flic) Anderson was a Research Assistant in the Wallace lab from 2019-2021. She worked to apply the open-source “RiboViz” bioinformatics pipeline to analyze ribosome profiling data, measure protein synthesis and vizualise the output. Flic was part of the development team for the RiboViz codebase, using Bash, Python and R programming to help improve sustainability and usability of the software, add new features and squash bugs. She played a major role setting up the example-datasets repository.

Flic also assisted with Software Carpentry workshops to boost programming and best-practices software building skills amongst researchers, and trained as a Carpentries instructor. She helped to deliver schools outreach workshops as part of the 4273 pi project, bringing practical computing and bioinformatics exercises into the biology curriculum around Scotland.

Flic built her bioinformatics experience in her previous role with the Centre for Middle Eastern Plants (CMEP), part of Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh (RBGE), using R and SQL to help answer biodiversity questions.

In 2022, Flic will start a PhD studying how researchers do software engineering, at epcc in Edinburgh, and working with the Software Sustainability Institute.


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